How can I retrieve my lost contact list?

Hello Everyone,

The other day all my contacts simply disappeared. After 5 phone calls to Verizon, still no contacts.  I have tried Backup Assistant but it just spins and never loads my contacts.  Verizon has no explanation for this.  I was able to see them for one brief moment so I know they are there but how do I get them??? Verizon wants to do a factory reset but I want to try to upload or download the contacts first, if I could only get to that page on  Anyone have any suggestions? MBV

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Hello mbvogt, I can understand how important missing contacts can be.I would love to get the contacts back on your device.
Do you know if your contacts were saved to BackUp Assistant? If  you have an Android device, you would also have the option to save your contacts to Google/Gmail.
Have you changed your phone number? When this is done, your contacts may be lost from the BackUp Assistant site What happens when you do try to sync the contacts back to the device? Do you get any error messages?

Tamara H.
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