Is there a phone system update available?

When I check for updates my phone still says none available. Someone on this forum said there would be one by early December.


My phone info says:

Firmware version 2.1 - update1

Baseband version S:i500.04 V.DI01

Hardware i500.04

Kernel version 2.6.29


Is that as it should be?


My main and very large problem is that the phone will not continuously download or send POP email. Turning phone off and on helps for awhile...sometimes....  K-9 has not been a reliable fix either.  Verizon, please get the default email client fixed!! And, no, I will not forward all my email through a gmail account. Should not need to do that!

Re: Is there a phone system update available?
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yeah, DI01 should be the latest "official" update.  There were rumors of another scheduled maintenance release that would come before froyo but there hasn't been any recent news on that.