Looking for a WiFi printer that will work with my Nexus WiFi hotspot
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On a recommendation, we have bought an Epson NX530 WiFi-enabled printer.  It does not work with the WiFi hotspot feature of my Galaxy Nexus.  The support tech at Epson suggested that we get a WiFi router rather than trying to use the Galaxy Nexus.  I told her that I would rather trash the NX530 and get a printer that would work with my phone.

So we have 3 questions:

1) does anyone know how to make an Epson NX530 work via the Galaxy Nexus hotspot?

2) does anyone know of a different WiFi enabled printer that works with the Galaxy Nexus?

3) does anyone know if the Galaxy Nexus is inherently unable to work with any WiFi printer?



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This website should be able to assist you.  http://www.galaxynexusforum.com/forum/galaxy-nexus-help/8520-wifi-printing.html   I use an app called Printhand from the Google Play Store for my Android tablet and smart phones. I have a Canon  Pixima 3220 that functions great. I also have a higher end HP Envy D410a that also works great with printhand.  The Canon is cheap at BJ's at $40 when I bought it. The HP is about $269 at Staples and other outlets.  Good Luck