NFL Mobile app screen rotation

My NFL app worked fine until an update and now when I turn the phone on its side the screen will no longer rotate and expand?

anyone have any ideas... of course verizon tech support tells me its my phone settings...

any help would greatly be appreciated.

Re: NFL Mobile app screen rotation
Customer Service Rep

Hi WayneMcl!

I use the NFL Mobile app myself, and it makes a word of difference to be able to get the full screen! Let's see what we can do to correct this for you. When you pull down the notification bar from the top left of your screen, you should see some icons, like "Bluetooth," "Mobile Data," "Vibrate," and "Screen Rotation." Please make sure that Screen Rotation is lit up. If it isn't, just press it to light it up. Then, test the NFL Mobile app again and let me know if that did the trick for you. Thanks,

Christina B
VZW Support
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