No network activity till call initiated
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Having run short of time, I left three emails (gmail) in my inbox before going into Taos, NM.  When I reached my destination coffee shop, I attempted to read my up-opened emails.  To my surprise the un-opened emails listed in my computer's inbox were not present in my Samsung Galaxy Nexus' gmail inbox.

Upon inspection I also noticed that zero bars were displayed on the Nexus home screen.  So, being a geek, I placed a call to a friend's phone to see if there was really a service outage.  The call completed successfully, AND my un-opened were immediately downloaded to the Nexus.

My question is:  Is this behavior typical on Verizon's network?

Re: No network activity till call initiated
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Yea, I think it's somewhat typical. The last couple of Droid I've had do that and the Galaxy Nexus I just got does it too. If you leave the phone inactive for a while, when you wake it up it seems to download emails then.