Not getting all calls when listening to music.

When I first got my Samsung fascinate I had no problems. But since The last couple updates I am missing The occasional phone call when I listening to music from The mp3 player in The phone. The music used to stop playing whenever a call came in but now it Does not, and I have not gotten calls at all, just The voicemail. Does anyone know how to change this so The music stop playing when I get a call? Please Help


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I want to make sure this is resolved quickly. I'm sorry this has caused concern for you. Are you missing calls with or without headphones plugged in? I ask because if I have my volume down all the way and listening to music w headphones I also miss all my calls and I use an HTC Thunderbolt. Are you using a music app from the Market? I do recommend enabling safe mode to ensure there are no corrupt apps causing the problem. If all else fails, a hard reset is the best remedy to clear all software conflicts. 


Please advise of your progress so we make sure this gets fixed!


Thank you!