Random Reboots

My Galaxy Nexus will randomly reboot.  I can be in the middle of a call or just playing a game, reading news, etc.  The only thing that seems to be semi-consistent is that after a reboot, Play seems to initiate app updates.  Not sure if this is just coincidence or actually a cause of the problem.  Anyone else having issues?

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I've read about, and experienced for myself, random reboots. For me and many others, the problem turned out to be a loose fitting battery. I don't know if it is the battery itself of the contacts in the phone, but for one of my two batteries, the phone will constantly reboot while its in my pocket or if I tap or bump it just so.

I've found that if I take a tiny piece of folded paper and wedge it in at the bottom of the battery - forcing the battery towards the top of the phone, and thus pressing it against the contacts, this solves the problem.