Random low battery warning since Gingerbread
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Hi all,


Like just about everybody else around here, I received the Gingerbread update within the last couple of weeks. For the most part, I have liked it, but there has been one major annoyance. On Eclair and Froyo, I would get the low battery warning at 15% battery life, 5% battery life, and then once more immediately prior to the battery dying. It was very consistent and very predictable. Now with Gingerbread, I seem to get the warning much more randomly, sometimes with almost 25% battery life still left, and the next time I get the low battery warning, my phone will often turn itself off, even with as much as 15% battery life still left. I can turn the phone back on again, but it is still quite annoying.


Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? I have done a factory reset, but it didnt help. In fact, to make matters worse, it deleted my SD card contents, but thats a different issue. 


Thanks in advance.