Samsung Fascinate 2.2 update.... Frozen phone

I would really like to know why my Samsung Fascinate now works horrible since I did the update. I seriously would like a new phone because I regret doing the update!!! If you haven't done the update yet DON'T!!! My boyfriend's samsung phone that was getting verizon updates kept messing up so I should have figured not to do the update. Yet I was thinking oh this is a Android update not a Verizon update (ya stupid of me) The phone freezes like crazy now. If I try to go from one page to another the phone FREEZES for a minute then will move, I have to wait a min or longer no matter where I go on the phone only time it doesn't freeze is when Im in a application. I'm seriously mad about this update and I want to know how will they fix this problem. No my phone does not have water or physical damage! I take care of this phone seeing as I worked for a phone company I know what can happen.

Re: Samsung Fascinate 2.2 update.... Frozen phone
Verizon Employee

Hi Lanahwanna,


There can be other reasons why the phone could freeze not relating to the update. I have a friend that has this issue with her Samsung Fascinate even before the update was completed. It was suggested she power cycling the device off for a full minute or even removing the battery doing a soft reset to help it refresh the phone. Since this was done by her because her phone was freezing up, it has cleared up the issue. I hope this helps with the concerns expressed. Please have a great and happy weekend.