Samsung Fascinate and Chrysler Uconnect

I am wondering if anyone has come up with a solution to the bluetooth problems with Android phones and new car bluetooth systems. I have a new Jeep Grand Cherokee and cant get the Fascinate to work properly with it. The only thing I can reliably do is to receive calls. I cant download the phone book and I cant originate calls from the Uconnect. The only way that I can originate a call is to pick up the phone and dial the number. The call will go through the radio then but the uconnect will not originate a successful call. It will dial the number, it will ring twice and hang up saying call completed. I was thinking about upgrading the phone in the future but looking on the internet the latest Samsung Galaxy S3 has the same problems. Just wondering if these giant companies actually talk to one another. It would be nice if they did but when contacting any one its the blame game. Carrier says its Samsungs fault. Car manufacturer says its the carriers fault and so on. Never any one's fault but the problem is still there for thousands of people and no one it trying to solve it. Don't know who's fault it is but from all the research I have done on it, it looks like it might be an Android operating system problem. If that is the problem, don't hold your breath because it will never be fixed. So if you are planing on a new phone and you have a built in factory bluetooth system in you car, get on the internet and see if it will work with your car before you buy it!!!! Don't buy and new car and expect the new system to work like a Kenwood or Alpine radio because I can tell you it wont!!!

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Hello rick165,  With many cities and states having handsfree legislation, I understand the importance of using the Bluetooth capabilities!  Have you had the opportunity to test other devices with your Jeep?  Have you tried repairing the device?  While I am happy to troubleshoot, my abilities may be limited as Samsung developed the device and software and Jeep developed the car kit.

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