Smart phones are a waste!

I am sick and tired of people raving about "smart phones" when in reality they dumber than {word filter avoidance}
! The only REAL reason to have a "smart phone" is to have internet access and to be quite honest, the screen on the phone is so **bleep** small you can't really read anything. And trying to download a video from the web? Forget it! It takes AT LEAST 5 minutes! That's slower than dialup, which technically IT IS DIAL UP! Just all around crappy.

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My Eris was actually my only internet access for a while and it worked quite well for me for a time.  Just because it doesn't fit your needs doesn't mean it's not for anybody.

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While smartphones aren't for everyone firedex99, they are a nice option for many people that are on the go and may need access to the internet quickly.


Smartphones are not intended to replace a laptop or a computer. For larger tasks, it is recommended that you use an actual computer. If you are on a screen where the wording or view is small, you can zoom in on the screen to make it larger.


Smartphones can do many more thing that a basic phone can't do with the options of being able to customize then with certain apps. That's what makes them exciting!


Perhaps you would benefit  by attending a Verizon Smartphone Workshop where they can show you how to get the most out of your phone. I don't want you to be dissatisfied with the phone for a year or even two.


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It entirely depends on your personal needs. My smartphone is incredibly useful to me.


I can receive email from coworkers while out on a job giving me instant access to the latest info. I can photograph a location and email it back to the office giving them immediate and clear information.  I use an app called Autocad WS that lets me display technical drawings on my phone saving me from having to lug around several pounds of paper drawings (not a small thing when you are deep in the woods on a 90 degree day.) The Convert app lets me convert between units of measurement which turned out to be a more useful app than I thought it would be.


I use an app named Key Ring that my local grocery and other stores can scan instead of carrying around the annoying cards in my wallet and on my keychain.


If you have ever been out with your friends and want to find the nearest ethnic restaurant, it's a snap with Google Search, one snowy winter day after moving to a new area I was stopped by a line of cars trying to get up a hill. A quick search with Google Maps and ta-da an alternate route got me to work on time.


I could go on about apps: ColorNote, Shopsavvy, Swiss Army Knife, WeatherBug... Often it is just finding the right app to solve a problem you face.


Some people really don't need a smartphone, I can see how to them the features may seem useless but to others it has become a needed piece of technology.

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I resisted getting a smartphone for quite a while. I didn't want to pay the data charges. I had an internet plan on a multimedia phone but never used it. I use the internet at least daily on the smartphone, not constantly, but I have the option. I never thought I would use apps as much as I do, but there are apps for all interests, many of them educational. GPS capability is a HUGE plus for me, as well as you can stream radio and video, the possibilities are endless! Agreed they aren't for everyone, but now I can't imagine being without one.