Text Messages going everywhere but where they should. HELP!!!

I just got a Samsung Fascinate and the other night I was texting a man (I'm single and quite flirty) and one of the students I coach.  She was asking about practices and uniforms, he was asking about things he shouldn't have been.  I opened his text and replied without going to any other screen (it has the touch here to reply on the Fascinate at the bottom of the screen).  The phone said it sent the message to a 90008000... number. I ignored it because it didn't make sense. I got a message from my student and replied, using the same steps.  About a minute later I get a text saying the 90008000... number is an unmanned box and my text wasn't delivered.  Again, what does that mean?  Ignore it, store the info for later.  I then get a text from myself that is a carbon copy of what I sent to my student.  What?  O.k.  Now things are feeling funny.  I then get the same text to my student, AGAIN, but it said it was from a completely different friend.  Without changing screens I replied to her and apologized for not knowing what my new phone was doing.  My friend answered that that SECOND text was the first she'd heard from me all day.  I answered her and then her next text came in but when I opened it it had my son's name and picture on it- though in the menu screen it clearly said it was from my girlfriend.  The man I was talking to never even got his text.  I called customer service the very next day.  They've never heard of such a thing, but I was welcome to take my phone in and change it out.  I went in and all of the comparable phones were $100 more.  Even with screens that were not nearly as nice as the Fascinate.  So, I kept it- thinking it was all a fluke. 

Fast Forward to today- This morning I sent out a text to multiple phone contacts.  About 8 tonight I got a text from an email replying to my text about the party asking me who I was.  The information in the message said my text was sent via Verizon email messaging and that it arrived around 3 this afternoon.  I replied apologizing and asking who she was.  No response as of yet.  What is going on?

I am a single woman and a coach.  I CANNOT risk personal messages being sent to the wrong people.  If this is an error of the operating system then a new phone won't make a difference.  And no, it is not an error of the operaTOR.  I have been very careful since the first night- and am usually very careful and discrete anyway.  PLEASE HELP!!! 

Re: Text Messages going everywhere but where they should. HELP!!!
Verizon Employee

Hello LadyJane,


Sounds like an interesting issue you have here! May I ask have you personally check the contacts in your phone to confirm that the contact info is correct? Sometimes the mobile numbers aren't saved accurately in the device. If this is not the case then it may be a network related issue. I would like to check your account provisioning to ensure that your texts are being transmitted properly. May I ask that you send me a private message with your mobile number and a contact number so I can review your account.


Thank you...