Two phones one calendar

I have a Droid. My husband has a fascinate. I want to sync my calendar with his phone. How do we do that?


I went to "add an account" and put my gmail information in, but when it completed the only options I had were "sync facebook" and "sync contacts" . I don't want either.


I want to be able to enter information into a calendar and him to be able to see it from his phone and vice versa.


Can this be done ??


Thank you

Re: Two phones one calendar

My wife and I both have fascinates and we have it setup so that she shares her calendar with me.  I'm not sure if there is a better way to do this or not but here is how we do it.


First thing you need your gmail account (for both phones) from your PC you will need to share your google calendar with each other.  This will allow you to see each others calendar on your phone if you choose to sync/show that calendar.


The next thing is when you create a calendar entry on your phone you will need to change it from the default "My Calendar" calendar to your gmail/google calendar.  If you leave it on the "My Calendar" it will only be on your phone.


Or you could just add all your calendar events through your PC on google calendar.  It can be annoying having to change the default calendar every time you create a new event.  Unfortunalely I have not been able to find a way to set the google/gmail calendar as the default for creating new events.


I think that covers it.