call then text or vice versat

On my old phone I could choose to call/text or email any contact or any missed call or other acrtvity, with a simple right mouse click (blackberryt button). The nexus seems to have no equivalent of this .


I also don't see a way to redial the last number.


Am I dumb or is Google/Android dumb? 


What use are the fancy features if these basic things are hard to figure out.



Re: call then text or vice versat
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I haven't used ICS yet, and don't know how it has changed from previous itterations of Android, but you should be able to, from your contact list, either long-press a contact to get options, or open up the contact card to use any contact method.  To redial (and you may have to enable this in settings (menu>settings while in the dialer) but you should be able to press the call button before pressing any buttons to bring up the last number dialed.

Re: call then text or vice versat
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@donoevil, When in the Phone App, simply tapping the phone button again will redial the last number. The history tab will show you all recently dialed numbers and call them. However, if you tap the contact image, it brings up a contact card from where you can call, email or text. The text option is right next the to number (it is a symbol for text messages).


When in the people app, tap on the contact photo to bring up the same menu from which you can call , text or email.


Hope this helps!