camera takes pics on its own

Pone can be in pocket(there is a complete hard case) and it will start taking pics, and will not stop till the battery runs down. I have to take the battery out and it will stop. i put the battery back in and it will be awhile, maybe a few hours, before it starts again. I have replaced the phone, and replaced the batteries. It is still doing it. Has anyone got a clue.

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I assume you mean you get a picture gallery with dozens or hundreds of black pictures, although a Verizon replacement is simply someone elses defective phone, the odds of you receiving a replacement phone with the exact same flaw as your previous phone is rather slim. I suggest removing all apps you have added to the phone, returning phone to pure stock settings. I think an app. may be causing problem.

If problem persists after doing that, then I suggest going to a Verizon store while your phone is in the " can't stop taking pictures mode " and point it at the store manager, take his picture a dozen times and politely ask " can you help me with this? "  Good luck.

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Hello redneckdevil,

Well, I definitely understand why this issue would cause concern! I would like to explain that with the last software version, it added the ability to take screen shots by holding the back arrow down and then pressing the power button. If the phone is taking screenshots on its own, it may think you are holding down the back arrow. Are you noticing any issues with the phone exiting out of applications or problems using the back arrow? I checked and I am not showing this as a widespread issue with the new software. I would suggest backing up your information and doing a factory reset if this continues. You will need your Gmail information to setup your phone again. The factory reset is located at Settings>Privacy>Factory data reset. Here is a link with information as well.

I trust this information is helpful and addresses this issue for you. Thanks and have a good day!

Christina B

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