Hard Reset after every software update
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When Verizon opts to advise users to hard reset the phone after every major

update, do they realize that individuals use the phones for business data

and apps? I have roughly 700+ apps and associated data on my android and

can not afford top reinstall all the apps every time new major release

comes out.

Re: Hard Reset after every software update
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there's a program called SnapPea for windows you can use that connects also installs to your phone.  ... that will help alot since your not "rooted". If your phone is rooted then of course use Titanium Backup in the play store.

Re: Hard Reset after every software update
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It's recommended you do a hard reset every so often, even without an update at all. That said, major updates do not come that often, and usually about once every six months or so.

Re: Hard Reset after every software update
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Yes to keep your phone and data secure and performing optimally you should get in the habit of backing up and wiping your phone clean often. I do it at least quarterly, and wipe my pc clean once a year. 

I know it is troublesome especially when you have a lot of apps like you do, but once you get a system going, it shouldn't take you more than an hour to get you phone cleaned and apps reinstalled. It will eliminate spyware and apps that others may have installed without your permission that spy on you and send your info out. 

I'll share my BACKUP REGIMENT.  This may work for you, and others may also have ideas on how they quickly rebuild an extensive smart phone like yours. Its a good practice.

  1. I start with a backup app like the ones mentioned.  I use the app GO BACKUP PRO to backup ALL my applications Apk files. [In case there is an update to one of my favorite apps and I prefer the older version, I can reinstall the older version from Go Backup.  (ie CNN app. Older version still better to me, so thats what i use)]
  2. Then I remove some of the questionable "flacky" games and applications from my phone using Task Manager (hold down the home button until Task Manager comes up. Easier than App Manager to uninstall applications quickly) 
  3. I also use GO BACKUP to backup wallpapers, text msgs, contacts call logs, and system files, ect
  4. IMPT: I copy ALL my favorite trusted app files from the internal SD card to a folder on my External SD card i named "Move to Phone".  that way before Google installs the apps on the phone the folders are already there.  This will have my launcher settings, notes, music downloads, and other app data. So I don't have to start over. 
  5. After moving my app data to ext SD card i run Norton virus scan on SD card.  (once I caught a virus)
  6. Then I wipe the phone clean with Factory Reset. Backup to google account and auto restore is checked.
  7. Now when phone is back on, and before I add my Google account, I cut and paste all the files in the "Move to Phone" folder on my ext SD card back to my phone's internal SD card. 
  8. I connect to wifi and then add my Google account and get it to start the app download and updates. It will automatically reinstall all of my apps for me without me having to remember which apps I had and having to accept permissions for 300 apps.  
  9. Then I add my email accounts
  10. Then go to my Go Backup files and install the app Go Backup from its backed-up APK file.  Just double click and turn on install from other source. (Google store is too busy installing all my other apps.)
  11. Once Go Backup is installed I open it and reinstall all my text msgs, call logs, wallpapers, and old versions of apps I like (not contacts.  I let my google account install the contacts.  But if anything goes wrong I know I have a manual backup of all my contacts)
  12. I use Nova Launcher and Rocket dialer, so after phone apps are installed, i do a simple restore for Nova Launcher, click a button and it places all of my widgets, and page layouts exactly as I had it before.  Rocket dialer restores all of my saved quick dials and skins and caller id and blocks for my phone dialer...and viola my phone is back.  Clean and running great.  And I don't have to spend a lot of time recustomizing because I backed everything up and reinstalled it quickly. 
  13. I also use this time to change passwords.

Good luck