Streaming video no longer works correctly with kitkat update

My phone upgraded to kitkat today and it did it on its own when I DID NOT want the upgrade because I know something would break with it.  Well now I can't stream video without it stuttering on wifi or 4G, where as on 4.3 it worked perfectly fine with primarily hulu plus and HBO go.  This is unacceptable as I use these daily and now I can't use them because of this stuttering problem that you Verizon created by forcing your horrible update onto my phone.  So much for the extra level of testing on updates over other providers(that was the excuse I was given why you release updates and phones later then other providers) How do you expect to fix this problem since you forced this update and caused the problem.  if you can not fix the issue, I think those of us affected by this deserve a free phone of our choice that does not have these issues as it was not our fault.  It is not an issue with these apps and kitkat as other kitkat phones work perfectly fine with these apps.  How can I get these streaming apps to perform like they did back on 4.3?