After recent update (to marshellow?)my note 5 is now a paperwieght, and when i run cloud it sees nothing accept contacts.. HELP!

When I run cloud, nothing comes up on the phone accept contacts, so nothing else gets uploaded to the cloud.  I can transfer everything I want to my PC, accept Ive no idea if or how to transfer the messages, uploading to cloud would be so much easier but it doesn't seem to be working for me.  I'm in a bit of a hurry since y phone updated the other day and now it is restarting whenever it feels like it, which is often if i'm trying to use it. Plus it freezes up on all apps, including messaging, and email, plus reboots on phone calls. I've tried wiping the cache, uninstalling everything i do not use. everything i could find short of going to factory settings which would be fine but i want to keep my current texts as they are, ive already transferred everything else to my PC.