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Calls straight to voicemail, no missed call notification

Phone: Samsung S6

Problem: SOME forwarded calls go straight to voicemail with NO missed call notification.

Calls must be forwarded - turning OFF all forwarding is not the option nor should it be the only solution (this is the solution I have found on these community forum and need a better option)

Not all calls have been missed but 2 important work calls just today have been missed with my Voicemail icon popping up 10-15 minutes AFTER the VM was left.

Not getting the call notification and having a voicemail notification come in "late" can not be accepted.

How do I get the calls to come through without going STRAIGHT to voicemail or at least give a MISSED CALL NOTIFICATION?

4 out of 5 or 6 calls have done this in 2 days.

Samsung 6 is recently updated this month.

Do Not Disturb is disabled - I don't use it.

These callers are in my phone's contacts and NOT blocked.

Why am I missing these calls with no notifications?

Doubt this is a phone specific problem but thought I'd try posting here first.

Re: Calls straight to voicemail, no missed call notification
Customer Support

marvaez, we know how important it is to ensure that you’re receiving all of your notifications in a timely manner and we want to do everything we can to help. We appreciate all the details that you’ve provided thus far and there’s a few more items that we’d like to clarify. Can you tell us if you’re currently using call forwarding on your device? You can learn more about Call Forwarding at


When did this problem originally start? What zip code are you located in? Have you noticed that you’re in a particular location when you’re not getting these notifications? Do you know anyone else in the area that also uses Verizon and has a similar experience? Please walk us through the step-by-step process that you take to check your voicemail messages.


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Re: Calls straight to voicemail, no missed call notification

I have a Samsung S6 and had the EXACT same problem, turning off "HD voice and video calling" solved the problem for me.

Go to settings> advanced calling

Verizon, your customer support is less than adequate.

Re: Calls straight to voicemail, no missed call notification

Wow! Thanks so much. That solved it for me as well!