Can Verizon work with Samsung to create a fair offer so we will turn in our Note 7s voluntarily?
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I wrote this exact message on Samsung's Facebook page and I am still waiting for a reply. I wanted to ask the same question to Verizon, since you are out point of contact.

To Samsung:

The huge problem you have created, and only reason I have been unable to return my 2nd gen Note 7 is because I paid over $400 to pay off my previous Galaxy phone 12 months early, so I could trade it in and upgrade to the amazing Note 7. Since Samsung totally screwed up the Note 7, now I have to wait until the Note 8 or S8 series devices come out in 4 - 5 months.

If you are literally going to take my Note 7 away, what am I supposed to do? I gave up my paid off phone so I would have no phone. If you want to loan me a used or refurbished S7 Edge until the 8 series devices are out, I head to Verizon to give my Note 7 back right away.

It is totally unfair and unethical to make me start a new 24 month Verizon contract and device payment plan for an outdated downgraded S7 edge phone, when I need to upgrade in 4 - 5 months. First of all, I don't know if Verizon would let me upgrade after that short a time, and even if they did, they would make me pay off the $700+ phone balance, and then I'd have to buy or make 24 payments again, on the $900+ Note 8 phone. It sounds like a windfall for Verizon and Samsung, when I didn't do anything wrong.

I realize Samsung took billions in losses over this nightmare, but as a long time loyal customer of Samsung, why should I be punished by paying a lot of extra money for a phone I already had and only need for the next several months?

This is a problem you have created and not addressed for many hundreds of thousands of your customers who love and appreciate Samsung's hard work in advancing technology for the world, and who want to stand by your side and wait for your next release. Please find a solution for us quickly during this interm and I'm certain the remaining 280,000 Note 7s owners will voluntarily hand them in, and without you using evil tactics like limited battery charge or blocking cellular access. You DO want to keep these most loyal Samsung Cheerleader customers who are holding out right? I'm sure you can come up a loaner phone or other similar solution that won't force us to pay a bunch of extra money that we never intended or planned to pay. Please help us and we will gladly help you.

I wish Samsung top management who made the call to cancel the Note 7 could ready this message, because I speak for most.


To Verizon:

Is there any off you can work on with Samsung where we could get a refurbished Note 7 Edge to use as a loaner until the Note 8 or 8 series phones come out. I would have no problem paying a rental fee of $25 monthly, as long as You take the loaner back with no additional charges owed or other fees and allow us to upgrade to an 8 series phone.

Re: Can Verizon work with Samsung to create a fair offer so we will turn in our Note 7s voluntarily?
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I could not agree with you more.I just wish that someone sees this that could really do something about this.

Re: Can Verizon work with Samsung to create a fair offer so we will turn in our Note 7s voluntarily?
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I so agree and have been pushing same thing.  There isn't an equivalent right now.  I use mine for photography and I cannot just downgrade without repercussions.  Samsung and Verizon,  please! Only a few months to go before February and I want to be able to get the new one.  I do not have another phone to use as I had sold my previous note edge. Long time note customer.  From the first note forward! I'd be happy to use a refurbished note until February!