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Charger and Battery

A few weeks ago my phone stopped charging with the stock usb 3.0 charger. This began with the phone slow charging because it did not recognize the usb 3.0 charger and over the course of 24 hours stopped charging completely. I tried the micro usb charger from my GS3 and it worked the same way for about a day until it stopped charging completely. After this i called VZW customer support and like some others they told me to go turn it in at a retail location because it was under warranty and like some others I was told by the retail location that they don't carry the chargers. After calling customer support back I was told I needed to call samsung and get one from them. After my call to samsung i was told to use a downloaded shipping label to return my charger for a replacement. I called verizon back because the phone which i was told by samsung should charge with the gs3 micro usb perfectly fine would not do so. they sent me a new(refurbished im sure) note 3 and this did not fix the problem. So after sending the new note back they sent me a new battery which does charge and the phone works. All this time which is going on three weeks I am still waiting on my usb 3.0 charger to come from samsung and now my phone is beginning to have problems charging with the micro usb. I plugged the note 3 in to the micro usb last night with 24% battery and after an 8 hour night shift at work while the phone was used for maybe 5 minutes time while on the charger my battery level was at 28%. So now I am sure that while after 2 and a half weeks when i get my new charger tomorrow it is looking like charging with the micro usb has killed another battery.