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Does your camera settings look like this?

I'd been having trouble taking pics up close, like macro....the camera focuses then blurs and takes a blurred pic.  I'm trying to get a good view of my cockatoos abdominal wound and everything needs to be done w/ one hand.  I used the tap screen option because I can't one handed hit the camera button and hold the phone....unless there's a video of it, I've not come up w/ a way Smiley Happy.  So I went searching the web and found this settings on my camera have NEVER looked like this, nor can I re-arrange the icons/option.  I update Kies3, it says my firmware is up to's the link:  How to take better photos with your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 go to the 3rd can choose it at the bottom....

That would be handier for me if I could get my settings menu like this....TIA

Re: Does your camera settings look like this?

I haven't had any problem taking pictures, but my camera settings look just like the ones shown in the pictures on that site.