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Exchange Note 7 Ordered Online?
Enthusiast - Level 1

I bought my Galaxy Note 7 as an online pre-order.  I'd like to know if I can be provided with a mailer, ship it back, and just have a replacement sent to me when they become available. In the meantime, I'd just reactivate my old Note 4. I have no desire to go into a Verizon store to do this if I can avoid it.

Re: Exchange Note 7 Ordered Online?

I finally accomplished this feat with great effort. I originally ordered online. First Note 7 crapped out after 5 days.

I took it to local Verizon, met a great agent and he promptly switched it out and transferred information for me. Great experience.

After recall, I returned to the same Store and ended up walking out as the Witch that attempted to help, no she was less than helpful, uninformed and extremely RUDE.

Fairly upset about the experience,  I called Verizon directly, after an agonizing 19 minutes hold time, I was helped by a delightful lady who handled my problem efficiently and effectively. 

I was disappointed that I was charged some fees as I am finally switching to APPLE'S S7 PLUS.

I wasn't concerned about the fire issue, just the fact that the TWO  Note 7 phones that I received were both CRAP. Very sad as this was my third Note.

So, just call Verizon and skip the sometimes RUDE Store employees.


Re: Exchange Note 7 Ordered Online?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I called Verizon on 9/10/16. I had my old Droid Trubo re-activated. I was told when new Note 7's come in I will be sent one and at that time I will send back old Note 7.  Don't go into a store