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Explain why local Verizon store will not acknowledge problem with phone as long as CCleaner is loaded?

Went to local Verizon store with my new refurbished Note5 phone, after my new Note5 died after 7months, with a touch screen issue. Local Verizon technician refused to acknowledge any problem with the phone as long as CCleaner was loaded on it.  We removed CCleaner, left store, and phone is still not working properly. To bad Verizon doesn't have better quality control with their refurbished phones or local store support.

So, my question is, does Verizon consider CCleaner a product NOT compatible with their Samsung Galaxy Note5 phones?

Re: Explain why local Verizon store will not acknowledge problem with phone as long as CCleaner is loaded?

It is compatible, as it is an app written for Android.  However, be it installed from the GPStore or sideloaded via APK, Verizon does not deal with app support for any app other than their own VZW branded apps.  However, I see no reason why Verizon would not try to troubleshoot the phone's issues, seeing as how every other app on the phone is NOT VZW branded.  The easiest thing to do at that point (maybe not easiest, but fastest) would be to factory reset the phone, as Verizon would insist upon this action before completing troubleshooting and deciding on warranty options for replacement or otherwise.

Again, you have what might be a hardware or software issue with the screen, but CCleaner seems to be the thorn in this story.  Seems it is more about the app installed rather than the issue most likely not related to the app.  However, if you want Verizon to work with you, you have to take each instruction and follow it.  This will also be the case on a phone call to tech support.  They will actively link to your phone for diagnostic reasons, where they will see what is installed, storage space, memory use, etc....

So, at least uninstall CCleaner if you want them to troubleshoot further.  I cannot see any reason CCleaner would cause issue, however, I know it is supposedly not compatible with the new permissions in Android 6.0.