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Fix for S7 Edge: Not ringing or vibrating on incoming calls?

Over the last month, my S7 Edge has suddenly stopped ringing/vibrating on incoming calls.  The only way to correct the problem is to reboot the phone.


- Not just certain callers, all incoming calls impacted

- Caller hears ringing and will be prompted to enter a voice message but phone is completely silent

- Phone settings: Ringtone and vibrate active, WIFI calling disabled, Biuetooth disabled, Auto-Mute disabled

- When the problem happens, phone doesn't ring *or* vibrate

- If voicemail is left, phone chimes with New Message notification

- Rebooting phone is only way to 'fix' problem

- After reboot, all calls have normal ringtone & vibrate action

- Reboot solution is only temporary, within a few hours or a couple of days, the problem returns

Any thoughts on what 'broke' on my S7 and how I can fix it?

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Re: Fix for S7 Edge: Not ringing or vibrating on incoming calls?
Customer Support



A silent phone is only a good thing when you want it to be. We definitely don't want you missing any of those important calls so this is something that we need to address right away for you. We appreciate you providing all the details you have provided about your issue as it is very helpful. Was there any software updates or anything that happened to the device around the time this started to occur? Can you share what software version your device currently has now.


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Re: Fix for S7 Edge: Not ringing or vibrating on incoming calls?

Android 8.0.0 & samsung experience 9.0