Forgot password to lock screen, how do I change it without having to lose my data?

My mom and I both have the galaxy note 4 in the same color and she tried swiping with her fingerprint because she thought it was her phone, however, it was mine and then my phone asked for my password, yet again she still thought it was her phone and tried using her password, it obviously did not work and now my phone had a pop-up that said that I only had one chance to get my password correct or it will reset and I will lose all my data.  I contacted Samsung through live chat and they sent me a link so that I could change the password through my Google account.  I was able to do so, I thought, however, my phone went black and now at the bottom is says Locked by Android Device Manager.  I cannot do anything with my phone, I have tried turning it off and on, and I tried taking out the battery.  I am not sure if tech support can help me retrieve my password without losing my data,or do I have to go into my local Verizon store and have them fix it?  I just need to know that I will be able to get my password without losing all my data because I am not sure if everything was saved.  If anyone can help me with this problem it will be great and I would appreciate it.

Re: Forgot password to lock screen, how do I change it without having to lose my data?
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Hearing that you are having this problem with your device is definitely concerning and we do want to make sure we can get you back into your device. If the phone is not accepting the password or its asking for a reset at this point there is not a way to get back into the device without doing a factory reset. I know this is extremely frustrating but when the personal passwords pin numbers are set, we don't have access to them or a way to bypass them to gain access to the account. On the phone now does it show the option to reset the phone? Here are the steps to complete the reset in order to gain access to your device.

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