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Galaxy Note 3 - reception issues

I also have the same reception issue that many have reported. This goes back
some time now and I'm to the point where I'm seriously thinking of dropping
Verizon. I've been a customer for so many years I don't even recall how long
but I've been very disappointed in the response to this issue. I played the
call tech support game for a while, first they replaced my SIM, then sent me a
refurbished phone (wasn't happy about that), neither has fixed my issue. I
lived with the SIM "fix" for a few weeks same problems. I've lived
with the refurbished phone now for a few months same problems. I've attempted
all the work arounds and fixes. Nothing has taken my phone back to the same
level as it was new (read - before KitKat). My wife has a GS4 no issues.

Verizon if you are listening I think you should work with Samsung to resolve
this issue all the solutions you've provided to your customers have failed. I'm tired of
wasting my time on the tech support lines. I'm tired of having a top of the
line phone which I paid good money for and not being able to use it as a phone.
I'm posting here since this is an obvious problem, simply look at all the posts.

Now I'm asking the Verizon Support Team what are you going to do to solve my

This is unacceptable - will the new GN4 have these same issues I'm sure it
won't at release....

Unsatisfied longtime customer here patiently waiting for you to fix my

Re: Galaxy Note 3 - reception issues

I too have also been having the same issue. It gets so bad at my house that I can go hours trying to send a text or call before it will get enough signal for a minute to go through.  Verizon isn't listening though otherwise this would have been fixed ages ago.