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Galaxy S9 issues after Pie update

Phone runs slower than usual. Verizon advertises the S9 is built for speed. The new update seem to have made it slower. I have to clear out the cach to get the phone working. When using the camera, it is even more slow. I used to double tap the power button to open the camera and take a shot really quickly. Now there is a serious lag. So much that sometimes the phone locks up and none of the buttons work.

Battery life is no longer the same as the advertised battery life. Verizon advertises 27 hours of usage time. I have to charge the phone more often than before the update. I suspect there is an app that is draining the battery. I tried putting the phone in Safe more but no help there.

I am so frustrated with the phone now. I have opened tickets for this already and they recommend I clear the cache. Meh...I never had to do this ever on the old OS. Only thing I can think is the new update is definitely making the phone run slower. I hope I am not the only S9 owner that is having these same problems. Not sure what to check at this point.S9batteryusage_20190318-112504_Settings.jpg

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Re: Galaxy S9 issues after Pie update

I'm having the exact same problems and I am so mad about it. Not what I paid for. My boyfriend isn't receiving calls or texts from me and we each have the same phone. I just called him 3 times and he didn't get a single one. He called me 30 mins later and said he didn't even know I ever called or texted. I've tried to get in contact with verizon about it but it's a joke. The whole new setup is NOT what I paid $1,000 for. 

Re: Galaxy S9 issues after Pie update
Customer Support

Software updates are meant to improve on things, and not make them slower, amidroc. It’s disheartening to hear about all the issues you’ve experienced since performing the software update (lagging performance, battery drain, freezing). It sounds as if you’ve done a lot of work in checking for what’s causing the changes in performance, and that’s greatly appreciated.

We’d love to help further, but need some more details. For instance, when the camera fails to function with the double tap of the power button, what happens on the screen? Is there an error message? You mentioned tickets you’ve opened on this issue. With whom were the tickets opened? What were the results of the tickets? How did things change when you put the phone in Safe Mode?




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