Galaxy apps store
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After update of my N3 to Lollipop, seems like interface to Galaxy Apps store is broken.  I can see apps OK but I cannot see (like I used to on KitKat) my "purchased" apps....simply not in the menu at all.

What changed? Do I need to change a setting on my phone? Don't even see a way to sign into my acct which I have had for more than a year.

Is this another Lollipop update problem?

Re: Galaxy apps store

Given it is no longer found on Samsung's site and not included on some phones, it may be defunct.  Samsung cut out a lot of apps themselves like ChatOn! and a few others, the Hub remains I believe, but you might also remember that Samsung was trimming a lot of bloat from the S6, which can also be done when an OS update comes down and removes some things and adds other things. To find that particular feature you may have to search around to find its apk file. While this is fine to do, you must exercise caution from where you download. I found it on once, but it was a dead link (wouldn't click.)  Verizon removed some software I know, and did the same to LG G series and removed LGs app store.