Galaxy note 4 notifications sound keeps

my Galaxy note 4 keep sending notification sounds and there's no notifications I've done the restart the factory reset and it still keeps coming through and also starts freezing in my pictures app what's going on I've tried replacing the battery the new cord I taking out the battery I've done updates and it's still freezing up on me

Re: Galaxy note 4 notifications sound keeps
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Are you sure you did a factory data reset, and not just a settings reset? Because if you have, then there's little troubleshooting left to be done. If you use an SD card in that phone, I would try removing it and see if the trouble persists. It could possibly be caused by corrupt data on the SD card.

Re: Galaxy note 4 notifications sound keeps
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mactuck- Receiving alert notifications without any actual notifications can get quite annoying. We are here to fix this. When did theses notifications start? Have you done any recent software updates on your device? Also, with your device freezing does this only happen when you go to the gallery on your phone? Can you please check the available storage on your phone. Apps>Settings>Storage and share your results.


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