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Galaxy note 5 update ruined my phone PLEASE HELP!
Enthusiast - Level 2

I installed the latest update for my Galaxy note 5. This is what happened to my phone. I have NEVER had issues before this update. I knew I should not have installed it. How do I GET IT OFF MY PHONE!! Please help. I'm going to have to post on all my social media groups that I am having issues and they must be patient with me because of a [removal required by the Verizon Wireless Terms of Service] UPDATE! Now people wanting questions answered and needing help don't want around they go to the next page or group or person so I really don't feel like sounding like an [removed] whining for them to understand my phone is having issues.

Here's issues started right after update never had before:

I can't get calls they just drop. People call me and I try to answer boom cuts them off over and over!!

I can't dial out just keeps saying dialing.

Now if I shut everything down do a restart and try again it will work or I can answer the call. But I'll be [removed] if I'm going to fight with my phone to make a call all the time.

I have people saying they called and I never received a missed call or anything. This ended up causing a devastating situation because a person that takes me to my appointments for my kidney wasn't able to get me and I wasn't getting her so I had no ride to that appointment. Now that may not be a big deal to you but your not the one that has all the health issues and had to try driving over a hour 1 way alone then going through a day of testing and appointments then try to drive home. Blah blah whatever big deal but I'm telling you BIG PROBLEM I should NOT BE HAVING overall the phone should WITHOUT FAIL MAKE AND RECEIVE CALLS it's a [removed] phone.

On top of that if I do get a call which I do fight tI'll I'm able to get connected.

It will drop in middle of calls, it will cut everyone off if someone calls in when I'm one a call and will freeze and not let me hang up. I am no longer able to use the Internet either while I'm on the phone using a data connection it HAS TO BE WIFI. If I try to use data nothing , not in advance calling non advance calling nothing.

Then to make that issue worse I always had the best speed and connection to internet on my phone. Well not anymore. Now I barley keep connected. The connectivity was so bad yesterday I can't even use the sidesync app. It kept disconnecting or wouldn't let phone be recognized and when I finally connected it by USB I got a call and then the phone froze and app stopped working phone stopped working. The person calling had to call 5 times and in order for me to get the call is had to restart phone. Now before you say it's the apps problem no its not. I've never had issues with the app before and use it A LOT. Plus what the [removed] if that call wasn't my sister and would have been important then do you think they would keep calling back and wondering what was going on? The only reason she did was I told her previous this update was [removed] and I texted her to tell her hold on while I restart this [removed] phone.

Man the more I type the more [removed] I get that Verizon has allowed these updates to ruin our phones and if you call the only answer you get is do a factory reset. I am not doing a freaking reset it should not have to.  I was not having issues. We spend so much time setting up these phones just to reset them to factory settings and that isn't going to work because it's just their normal answer to everything and I researched and people are saying that isn't working.

Ohhhhhh and another thing. My applications don't function properly anymore. They are slow or they just shut down. I have a few games and Facebook always says can't connect or it won't load and messanger is lagging and won't send notification or messages all the sudden show a few at one time.

If I'm on phone I don't hear notification that I got a text or messanger message. Sometimes it doesn't even work when I'm not on the phone.

The update really made things spotty sometimes work sometimes don't. Really unreliable. You know funny thing is I just was telling everyone with the purchase of this phone how I never had issues with Verizon and how I pay the extra over other companies because it's worth having the reliability to me and now boooom phone is most unreliable thing in my house and the tool I use most daily. Trying to take care of two art groups of over a couple thousand members each you really rely on your phone.

;I'm trying to think of the other issues I've had because there has been so many. My battery is charging so slow and drains faster it seems.

It's just ridiculous and I want to take this update off.

Please please please please PLEASE  tell me how to get this update of my phone.

Thanks for letting me vent everyone.

Re: Galaxy note 5 update ruined my phone PLEASE HELP!
Super User
Super User

System OS updates can't be rolled back to the previous version. The manufacturer of the phone wrote the code in such a way to prevent reverting to the previous version of the OS.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.

Re: Galaxy note 5 update ruined my phone PLEASE HELP!
Customer Service Rep


It is never fun to have multiple calls drop and internet connection not working where it worked flawlessly before. I want you to know we will work together to get your device back up running again.

Before we start, I want to be completely honest, once software is installed on a device, there isn't a way to revert back to the previous version. I apologize. However, I am completely confident we will get your device working again. I understand your concerns with possibly needing a factory reset. In the event this is a step we need to take, Verizon Cloud and Samsung Backup and Restore will bring all your information back to your device.

Let's get started, I would like to attempt to run your device in safe mode for an hour to see if you are experiencing the same problems. To do this, please click here and report back to me if your issues continued while in safe mode.

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Re: Galaxy note 5 update ruined my phone PLEASE HELP!
Enthusiast - Level 2

Ran in safe mode quite a long time today. I didn't receive any calls while

I was on a call so I don't know if I was still having the issue. Like I

said. I didn't know I had missed a certain person till they messaged me on

Facebook days later saying they trying to reach me.

I was still having issues with the Internet today.

Now I did notice yesterday I could not use side sync with it at all

anymore. I thought maybe it was the apps needing updating a few days ago so

I updated everything then that didn't matter. So I turned it all down and

yesterday still was having same issue.

If I get it connect for a few seconds it freezes the phone and if a call

comes in it ends calls on them immediately.

I disabled those programs yesterday (these all worked fine before the

update AGAIN they all worked fine and I had no issues with anything till

update). I have not put any new apps on nothing.

I noticed many people are having the same issues I am since the update. I

also went and looked and they started having problems with sidesync after

update which they wasn't having before.

I don't know if my other apps were still not working of course because safe

disabled them.

Thanks Dawn.

Thank you,


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