Gmail for Tablets to download apps

We have issued tablets to our employees. In order to download the appropriate apps, I am using a generic gmail. If I remove the generic gmail from the tablet after the apps are downloaded, will the user be able to use the apps downloaded without the generic gmail tied to that device if they create their own gmail?

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Re: Gmail for Tablets to download apps
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Interesting question - bear with me; I'm thinking as I type ... typically you use a google account for backing up contacts, downloading apps, communicating, etc.  The Google account gives you access to the play store for updates, and other Google services.  Using the same "generic" Google account for all the tablets means they are all linked to that same Google account.  But then you remove the account....

If they later switch to their own personal account, and keep their own apps, photos, contacts, calendar, and other Google services, I think they can do that.  That will keep their personal info separate from the generic account.  But the apps that were loaded with the generic account will not show up in their personal app list - they might work, but I don't know if they will get updates, since they are not linked to the personal account, but the generic one.  Hmmm...  are these apps proprietary, specialized apps?  Or ones that anyone on the playstore can download and run?