Group Play missing in preload and install doesn't work for music
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samsung's Group Play is a GREAT app to share music on different phones on the same if you are outside, it shares all the other connected phones' speaker makes music sound great...I put the v3.0.184 on my Note 4 all that works is file and image daughter has a T-Mobile S5 she opened it up and it updated immediately and had camcorder, video, file, music, and image share.....I guess there's a remote option also....that didn't work either on my end anyway...that would be really cool.
Samsung chat tech supp spent over an hour trying to fix this....Group Play worked great on my Note 3....the music, file, and image share works on my Note Tab 4 but only file and image share works on the Note 4....anyone have any the Verizon's bloat wear if T-Mobile's works fine?


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