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Help! My new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is possessed!

My Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is acting wierd.

It started turning on and off by itself. I noticed that the battery emptied and flatlined way too soon ...I hooked up the charger and then it started powering on and off. Each time it did it would vibrate a second each time. Ive taken the battery out and re inserted it, didnt help. Ive only had it a little over a month. Any ideas or suggestions?

Re: Help! My new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is possessed!
Enthusiast - Level 3

shebrock RUN - do not walk - but RUN to your nearest Verizon Store, WITH your charger in hand - and tell them to get the Demons out of it!!!  Haha!!  At the very least - they'll get a good laugh and laughter makes everyone more willing to help.  I'd also see if you can try to get a video of what it's doing to show them - in case it doesn't duplicate it's craziness for them.

But if a friend/spouse/child with another phone can video it for you and then go with you to the store, then you won't have a wasted trip.  But PLEASE DO take YOUR charger.  It could be the charger and not the phone itself.  The Note 3 charging cubes are 2Amp - unlike the standard 1Amp and the data cords carry more amps too.  There could be an issue in one of the dual ports that's causing it to freak out, or extensive static build up??  It could be anything.  My GUESS is that it's something in the software.  Have you recently downloaded an app?  Have you tried a restart?  A power cycle?  Soft reboot? Taking the battery out is still a great idea and ALWAYS the 1st thing I do.  But you have to leave it out for 30-60 seconds - same as if you do a power cycle.