Horrible signal with a signal booster

Bought the new phone thinking it was my old one, ...nope. Bought the signal booster (at $250) nope...moved booster all over house...nope. Now what? I move to be closer to family that needs assistance and they cant reach me!!! I have missed 2...2 very needed calls!  Im just a tad angry

Re: Horrible signal with a signal booster
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What is the make/model signal booster you have?  Is it an actual signal booster or signal extender using your internet connection?  If the latter, what internet connectivity do you have?

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Re: Horrible signal with a signal booster

the signal booster can only boost so much!! i'm guessing you live in an area that doesn't get good coverage!!

take it back if you're within 14 days!!

Re: Horrible signal with a signal booster
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RThacker57, it's our priority to provide a seamless network experience. I'm sorry to hear that you've had difficulty being able to stay in touch with family, especially while they are in need of assistance and you have missed calls as a result. You have reached the right place for assistance and a resolution to your connectivity issues. Please provide your zip code. Are other Verizon users in your area experiencing similar challenges with service? In addition, I recognize the urgency of your situation and have sent you a Private Message, so that we may work together to come up with a resolution. Please check your inbox.


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