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How's the Note 3's signal strength look?

I'm in the sticks for a while, well over an hour from a Verizon store (or even a mall kiosk), so I can't just run down and check.  I'm travelling a lot and the reception on my GNex is a bit annoying when I'm in areas with marginal coverage.  I've heard the Note 2 is surprisingly good and I'm hoping the Note 3 continues that trend.

Re: How's the Note 3's signal strength look?

New VZW user here with the Note 3 --- came over from Sprint.

For what it's worth, I kind of live in an suburban to rural area and thought the VZ service might be marginally better than Sprint where I live, which sucks for service.  Or so I thought.

Got the Note 3 home and noticed a huge improvement in service and dl speeds.  Excellent.  Was thinking I might have to settle for mediocre service since my friend's GS3 only gets a couple bars here, but my Note 3 kicks butt where I live.

So far, I'm happy....

Re: How's the Note 3's signal strength look?

I had to return mine for poor reception issues.  Other Verizon customers could be right next to me with a 4G LTE signal and I would get 1X or no service.  This only happened in fringe signal areas or inside a building.  If the GN3 had a strong cell signal from the tower it was fine.  When I would get into marginal areas, it would fail miserably.  I would have exchanged it for another sample, but I read of too many other individuals complaining of the weak reception issue as well.  Just Google: "Samsung Galaxy Note 3 signal" and you'll get quite a few hits with other owners having the same issue.  I went back to my Droid Bionic for now.  It's a signal magnet.  In the same places the GN3 would get 1X or no service, I can maintain 4G LTE.