I need advice on a phone with a great camera please

I wasn't sure about this phone at all. I want/need a phone with a great camera. The service rep told me it was the Note 7 - I completely beg to differ. If I zoom in the slightest it's grainy and gross. I could never print these off. I found a manual camera download but I have to constantly change the settings I can't just snap a shot of my daughters or anything. The service rep tonight told me I have high standards. But my view is that if the phone's camera can't stand up to the test then it should never be advertised as such. and basically i'm stuck with a camera that I can never zoom in with. I have the chance to exchange it for a different phone at this point because of the recall. The rep tonight told me to basically drive the 45 minutes away, and go play with the phones in the store. Which I don't have time or money to do this since I'm helping to take care of my sick grandfather. He did tell me tonight that there's a Sony that is the best of course Verizon doesn't have it in stock. So I can't get it anyways. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA

Re: I need advice on a phone with a great camera please

What you are noticing is the effect of any camera with digital zoom.  It will always degrade the picture compared to optical zoom which does not.  You may wan't to consider a dedicated digital camera with optical zoom.  Short of that, iPhones generally are arguably considered to have the best phone cameras.  The new 7 plus has 2x optical zoom.