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Lollipop Bugs

So, I updated my phone to Lollipop around the end of April. Since then I've had time to experience this new software in all its, rather lackluster, glory. I won't go into rather detail picking out the obvious things wrong with Lollipop: diminished battery life, bogging down due to ram management, wacky signal strengths. Instead, I'll be focusing on some bugs that are specific to my device. First off, it's small but it bugs the hell out of me, whenever my phone updates apps through the Play Store, each app that I had stored onto my Micro SD card gets taken on and placed back onto the device storage. This phenomenon only happens when I update each respective app that was on my SD card. Secondly, and this doesn't occur as frequently, my phone will like to remain silent when I call someone. I won't hear a dial tone, I won't hear anything at all, and the worst part is, is that the phone will manage to connect the call and the person on the receiving hand can hear me but I can't hear them. I immediately try redialing but it doesn't work, I had to hard boot the device and take out the battery. If anyone manages to know solutions to these issues, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Re: Lollipop Bugs

I can tell you that apps are no longer able to move to SD.  They must stay on the internal memory.  That's a Google-set limitation.  That might explain why your apps that you may have moved to SD via other means return to the internal after update.

Re: Lollipop Bugs
Customer Support


I am sorry to hear of the issues with your device after the software update. In regards to the issues with your apps moving from the SD card, Snn5 has provided some great insight. As for you not being able to hear people on a call, let's take a deeper look into that. Does this happen mostly when calling a certain contact or does it happen on all contacts? Exactly how often would you say this happens? Have you tried removing and reinserting the SIM card to see if this still happens?

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