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Lovin the Note 3

Sorry but I am not here to bash the phone or the carrier.  So if that is what you are after, go to one of those threads.  I got the Note 3 recently and I am super excited about all the features and content of the device.   This thing has so many settings that it's a tad overwhelming, but I am truly enjoying it so far.  My current version is running 4.3 Jelly Bean.  Coming from a device that was still running 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ... matters not.  I can't tell which changes are OS related or device related.  I just know I like it.  I am certain the Kit Kat update will come but I am not going to jump on this site or any other trying to figure out what day and what time and whatever non-exact moment I can update.  It will get here, when it does. 

As for the device, I like the fact that it has 32G memory.  My previous phone only had 16G and well, not realizing it, that phone started acting up.  Screen was staying black, not allowing me to answer all calls or emails or texts.  It was random behavior really.  Apps were constantly freezing or force stopping. Homescreen was force stopping.  Maps app wouldn't work and the list goes on (oh and on and on and on!).  Got so mad at that phone I was ready to throw it through the windshield of my car.  But then a revelation came (in the form of user error awareness).  I had too many videos, pictures, and other things on the device and didn't realize that by leaving all this on the phone, it was eating up all my memory and causing an adverse reaction to the phone itself.  So I went home, downloaded all my pictures and videos (again with the user issue - I don't really get the cloud or who's cloud I would be using LOL)  Organized everything on the laptop and did the first factory data reset I have done in 3-4 years now.  Phone worked fine.  But at this point I had gotten myself sold on the Note 3 and I just made the deal.  I don't regret it.  My previous device was a Motorola.  I had picked it due the the major battery life and the fact that long ago when I got it, Motorola appeared run their systems updates quicker.  That phone was a great device and actually performed quote nicely until I got comfortable and forgot to invest a little time in my practices.  The real deal at this point is that I WANTED that screen on the Note 3.  I mean come on, That SCREEN!  I love the screen landscape you get on the Note 3.  Yeah the device is big, but I don't own a tablet ( I see no need to run around with every single device made just because it was made).  Don't get me wrong ... I was thinking about it.  LOL  But then with the bugging on the other device and the education I was getting on how I could be a better device owner along with tablet shopping.  The Note 3 held my attention.  I get close to having my tablet envy met and I get a phone and I get to use it anywhere I want without another plan addition or the hunt for WiFi.  Done.  Where do I sign. 

I like Samsung products.  I have several, from computers to home appliances and they have been relatively simple to use, dependable and current.  This Note 3 is much the same.  I forgot how much I missed the Samsung camera and features and color saturation on their devices.  I get plenty of memory, battery, screen, usage time and performance on the Note 3.  For those interested in this device I say, just go explore the specs and make a decision on what YOU need.  If you are not truly sure about your needs, just take your time and go to a store and let someone visit with you about it.  Attend one of the classes they offer.  I know I will. I will probably not jump back on this forum because quite frankly this forum really gets to me.  So many people simply come here to complain of this or that.  Don't get me wrong, many have an issue they arent sure how to correct, but it's the synics that tend to respond that drive me batty.  They HATE the DEVICE, they HATE Verizon, they HATE that they don't have the latest update, they HATE anyone calling them out about Hating stuff, they throw around the lawsuit suit junk too much and they probably HATE this post.  Oh well.  I was a long standing AT&T customer and I liked them. I switched to Verizon for the coverage I got in a specific area I spend time and AT&T couldn't give me at the time.  I like Verizon.  I even let those guys help me change my plan to one that still fits my needs.  Cool deal.  I don't pretend to have unrealistic expectations of a provider of "Cell Service" and when I had had an issue, they have helped me.  So just a Thanks to Verizon.  Sure you won't get that much in these forums (seems things haven't changed).  Thanks Samsung, the device rocks.  You folks have a good one and good luck with your electronics!  LOL  Have a great day.  Smiley Happy