Messaging Issues from Android to Iphone!!

I made the jump from iPhone to Android back in October with assurances that the switch would not have any major issues.  The issues began immediately!  First I wasn't getting any messages from iPhone users.  I deactivated my imessage account and spoke with Apple and it seemed to take care of the issue.  However I then started noticing that some Iphone users weren't receiving my messages or anyone elses messages when I was included in a group text.  The weird part is that in a group message with 3 iphone users and myself, only 1 of the iphone users doesn't get the messages..from me or anyone else in the group!  I work in a hospital managing critical care patients and absolutely need communication between my co-workers.  I have talked to Apple and Verizon and have come to the conclusion that there is no fix for this problem.  I have tried; factory reset, sim card reset, imessage reset, turning on SMS option on iphone users phones, removing the "1" from my phone number on other phones.  NOTHING WORKS!

I am ready to go back to Apple just to resolve this issue, but of course I don' t have an upgrade to do this.  I feel that Verizon should allow me to swap my Note 3 with an iPhone of equal pricing....although I realize this is unrealistic.  It's crazy that this has been going on for 4 months and there is no solution!  A simple google search will show that I am not the only one with this issue.  I'm hoping Verizon will step up and fix this or swap out my phone because I'm ready to pay the termination fee if this keeps up!  This is the first time i've ever had an issue with Verizon....who up until now have been extremely courteous and helpful.  I feel that this problem is being allowed to "fall through the cracks."  I hope I'm wrong.  Does anyone have a good solution?

Re: Messaging Issues from Android to Iphone!!
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Oh goodness, we certainly understand how important it is to receive and send all your text messages. Text messaging is my main form of communication so I understand the urgency to have this addressed. Thank you for providing all the details of all the troubleshooting you have done. Have you changed your iTunes password? I would suggest trying this as many Apple representatives I have spoken to advise to have our customers try this. Here are the steps: Please advise if this helps.

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