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I know this might be redundant based on what I've read, but I want to post something up to date with todays problems with this device.  It is all over the internet & I know I am not alone.  I have contacted Verizon and Samsung tech support, visited the store replacing the sims card & done a factory reset causing me to lose a lot of saved info on the phone.  Guess what it has yet to get better!  All of these options and representatives keep telling me they are unaware of these issues, but come on we all are experiencing this!!  Something has to be done asap, or most of us will leave Verizon & this device.  I am willing to take the $300 loss plus a few hundred more it will cost me to cancel my service contract!

I purchased the note 3 w/ Verizon when it came out & over the past few months it has deteriorated in quality and service.  I was amazed with it at first and refused to return in within the 10 or 30 days after getting it.  I gave up the iPhone 4 (after having it for almost 4 years) because I was happy with this phone.. now I'm tempted to go back!  Since I made the switch, the cell has had a couple software updates causing this phone to become garbage!! 

This being said I am experiencing the following problems: (yes I've done everything tech support has instructed me but it doesn't help)

1)  The WiFi connections are always in and out, cannot pick up a signal or hold the signal once it has it.

2)  The Bluetooth works but when you use it over WiFi, like on a small portable Bluetooth speaker, the connections get worse where I can't listen to the radio or music apps without it going out/losing connections

3)  Service!!  oh my gosh, let me tell you this is by far the worst ever.  99% of the time I do not get service, especially at home.  I've lived in my home for 7 years, never having service issues.  I live in a 4G area according to Verizon and shouldn't have issues....BUT I DO!  Service is not available, no connections, & you can watch the cell change from 4G to 3G to 1X and stays at 1X.  I even did a work order to have the service checked from my house and of course I'm the only one calling and there aren't issues in my neighborhood according to Verizon.

4)  Unable to send text messages, send pictures, send videos, and receive them including phone calls.  I'll get them 20-40 minutes later and eventually get random voicemails without the phone ringing!  Cell loves to show that blue moving circle, or showing message is pending/sending, or will send once service is available.

All this being said, what's next Verizon and Samsung?  Your customers need answers!!!!!!!!


I have the EXACT same issue! I started out okay but has progessively gotten worse from when I first got this phone in October, I did not have this many issues. I once got service in my house, but the past couple of months - NO SERVICE in my home, that is extremely frustrating, and like you I will get random voicemail notifications!

The wifi connection issues has me about going insane - it is basically to the point where this phone is useless to me unless I am out and about - even then I lose my 4G signal! I brought it back to Verizon where they confirmed I was dropping my 4G signal - factory reset - and the pain that goes along with that - to no avail.

Samsung says I can send it in for them to check out the software - but like you, I told them this is a wider spread issue than just my phone, but apparently the majority of employees have no clue about it. It must be a batch of them, because the salesperson at Best Buy has had this phone as long as I have and he says it works perfect - but oh yeah - his is from another carrier.

I want it fixed, updated or something! My husband has the Note 2 and it works like a dream. I need to be accessible for work and if I cannot get this phone to work right I am ready to pitch it and move on.