Note 4 rebooting after N910VVRS2CQA1 on 2/28/2016

After the Android update N910VVRS2CQA1 I received on 2/28/2016, my Note 4 is randomly shutting off and sometimes just rebooting several times daily.   Sometimes, I have seen what looks like the Android UI where it is updating my apps when it powers back up.   Prior to this update I had 0 problems of this nature with this device.  I see other posts about Note 4 updates, although I didn't see one with exactly this same type of issue.  Please do not tell me to reset my device to factory settings as a first step.   That's just a non-starter considering it takes DAYS to get back to a configured state.   Any other suggestions ?  Anyone else having this problem ?  The phone is completely unreliable at this point because of this update.  

Thank you -- Jeff [Removed]

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