Note 8 Cracked Screen?

Less than 3 months old.  Not dropped, not damaged, and always in its protective Otter Box.  Crack suddenly appeared today starting near on/off button and heading towards the center of the screen. Samsung says send us the phone and we'll determine whether it is damaged (of course, it's damaged, the [removed] screen is cracked!).  Sounds like Samsung [removed] to me.  Why should I have to pay the deductible on my insurance? This is clearly a design defect on a $1000 phone!  I'm not the only one who's having this issue either.  Trust me on this, this is going to be a class action lawsuit like the exploding battery. 

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Re: Note 8 Cracked Screen?
Customer Service Rep

Bobziel We understand how upsetting a cracked screen can be especially when the phone is 3 months old. The good news is that you have insurance. If you have Total Mobile Protection with Asurion, they offer cracked screen repair. Eligibility is determined only during the insurance claim process (online @ or through phone) by damage type, device type and your location. Please check to see if this is an option you can take advantage of.


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