Note 8 Purchase With Promotion
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I just upgraded my phone from a Note 4 to the Note 8. I went to my local corporate store and was helped by a salesman named Lenny. I showed him my phone and told him that I was interested in the Note 8. At that time he stated there was a promotion that if I trade in my old phone I would get half off the cost of the new one. We then went to the back counter to start the transaction. As he asked for my information to look at my account I asked him again now how much is the new phone going to be, he stated you will get half off the cost of the phone. I then asked and how much will that make my payment each month, he then stated that it would be $20.00 monthly. Then Lenny asked me do you want to do this, I said of course this is a great deal. So he goes and gets the new phone so he can start the transaction and then asked for my old phone. He starts the setup of the new one and again I ask him how much is the new phone going to be, he again tells me you will get half off the new phone which will make the payment $20.00 monthly. We talk a little more while he is setting up the new one and at this time I ask him about trading in my husbands phone (we have the same phone both Note 4) but my husbands phone has a cracked screen what would the discount be for that one. He tells me that I would probably only get a few dollars off a new Note 8 because of the damage. He stated that I might want to get it fixed and then trade it in because then I would also get the half off deal for his phone as well as the $20.00 a month payment. I told him we would think about it to see if it was worth putting in the money for the repair. So now the setup is complete and he is ready for me to sign the reciept for the phone btu before I sign I ask again now how much is the phone he again tells me half off and $20.00 monthly, the credit will not take place untill two billing cycles after I turn in my old phone and there was a $35.00 restocking fee if in the event I did not like or want the new phone before 14 days were past. Now all this time he had my old phone anf my account open he knew that both phones were Note 4's.

This is were the problem starts, I go to the store before the 14 days to turn in my Note 4. The salesman that helps me looks and says ok your going to get $300.00 off the new phone and it will be $10.00 off your monthly payment. I told him no that is not correct I purchased the phone when you had a different promotion. So he looked and found the other promotion and stated that he would have to file something so it could be adjusted, he is doing the paperwork when he looks and says this promotion does not apply to your phone you have a Note 4 the promotion is for a Note 5. I told hime what I was promised and he then went and got the manager Kyle. He tells me the same thing only now we have to ask Lenny what was said and of course he is now on vacation for a week. Lenny returned yesterday October 15th and of course he claims he NEVER told me that about my phone, so basicly he lied. The general manage of the store was supposed to contact me on Tuesday October 11th never heard from him who is a Mr Hussan.I have been in contact with customer service with no satisfaction. I was told that if I could not get it resolve through the store that customer service would fix it for me. Now after contacting customer service again twice yesterday October 15th they are telling me it is an issue that has to be fixed in the store. Of course Mr Hussan is now on vacation for a week and will not be back until Monday October 23rd. All I want is the promotion that was promised to me. I feel this was a bait and switch move on the salesman's part is is not proper business. I have been with Verizon a very long time but this whole thing is really making me rethink my loyalty to them.

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Yikes!  What a snarl! As what the sayings goes, never trust a salesman. I tried to do my own research and found out that their promo for getting a Note 8 and trading in a Note 4 will really give us $240 compared to $480 if you trade in a Note 5.

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I found that out after getting the new phone. I'm still fighting to get what I was promised

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if you dealt with a vendor in the mall or costco you may have been fibbed to!!

they're in it for the commission & not to concerned beyond that.

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There may be two parts to this.

The original promo for the Note 8 was half off and monthly payments of $20.00, however, that promo expired, I believe, on 24 September.

A customer can still trade-in a phone and the trade-in value results in a credit of a certain amount off per month depending upon which type of phone was traded-in.

I traded in my Note 4 and have a final $240 credit if I don't pay the 8 off ahead of time (as $10.00 off per month over 24 months but that ends if and when the phone is paid off)

Keep at customer service.  Chat is your better bet as the phone version seems to have more issues with getting things corrected.

Re: Note 8 Purchase With Promotion
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AQUATAILS, we want nothing more than to make sure you get the correct promotion. We are here to provide support. I have sent you a private message so that we can provide some personal assistance.


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