Note7 replacement
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We got threatening notices to turn in our dangerous devices. And while I do not agree that they are dangerous, I have followed the instructions. I traded a Note 5 for the defective Note 7 device Verizon provided, so technically I was forced to downgrade to comply with guidance. But I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling we are being taken care of. I have been posting on the Verizon community and Facebook that they should set up a task force to account for all of us Note 7 victims and keep us informed of our status.  All we have gotten so far is threats to turn in a dangerous device, but no indication that we are being considered as a group for receiving remediation of this inconvenience.  If they know who we are to send us the threats, then that can also corral us to keep us updated and provide the vouchers for a Note8 device of equal prestige. I should be considered as having taken the Note 5 only as an alternative to comply with the threats.  If they can send the ceramic box for the defective device they can also send a voucher!

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I kept my Note 5 and reactivate it..............

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I feel the same...unfortunately only South Korea gets 1/2 off the S8, which isn't the note 8..but why do we get nothing? I mean 100 bucks just to stay with Samsung. They run specials like that all the time for no special reason...I mean really!!