Restore from Google Fails Badly - Any Debugging Ideas?

Brand New Note 8, Updated Software

Ok, I've tried this about 6 times:

- Factory Reset

- Phone picks up EIN from Verizon

- Phone asks for WiFi password, connects

- Phone asks for google username & password, connects, sends nice email saying they see a new device

- Phone puts up screen asking which device to restore from, listing my previous Note 5, nicely synced as of the time I turned it off so the new phone could initialize

- Select that device (the backup set from my nicely synced Note 5)

- Expect to see a screen asking me what I want to restore; instead see a black screen w/ status indicator at the top, white Nav bar at the bottom with just a back arrow (which doesn't work) - see some WiFi activity, but no other indication that anything is happening

- Eventually screen saver turns off screen

- Hit any button to restore screen - this time it's all white, no status bar at the top, same non-functional nav bar at the bottom - will sit there forever, unless I restart the phone

- If I powercycle the phone, it comes back up in the setup wizard, picks up the EIN, remembers the WiFi and Google Account Info, brings me back to "which device?" and again freezes if I select the device

- since everything else works (hardware, o/s, basic sofware if I skip the restore) this seems like a google problem (network, config on my account, corrupt file, etc.) - but there doesn't seem anyway to debug it - no access to the log file, google is useless, no way to see what is actually hanging (if I exit setup, enable developer tools, attach a terminal so I can watch the log, there's no way to get back to the restore screen without factory resetting the phone!)

Next step is to find a local Verizon store, swap the phone, and watch one of their people scratch their head.

Until then, any thoughts or suggestions.

Re: Restore from Google Fails Badly - Any Debugging Ideas?

I don't have the same global problem as you, but since my note 8 software update yesterday the screen no longer changes to horizontal display when holding phone horizontally.  Thought it strange that a brand new phone (actually got it early on 9/8/17) would be having a major update.  Guess another will be needed.

Also thought I lost a number of apps, but just takes a while for all to repopulate.

Re: Restore from Google Fails Badly - Any Debugging Ideas?

2 years ago, after the new note5 was setup, i used samsung smart switch to xfer apps, contacts, messages from the s5 & it worked very well.

trying to restore while doing the setup might be your problem.