Ringtone resetting after Oreo update

Ever since the Oreo update, my ringtone keeps resetting to the default ringtone.  How do I stop it from resetting every time I restart?

Re: Ringtone resetting after Oreo update
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Being able to retain your customized ringtone is essential, and I am certain we can get to the bottom of this. First, I have a few questions to make sure we can gather all of the necessary details.


What are you using to change the ringtone (default ringtones in the phone, or a third party application)? If you use a third party application, please attempt to alter your ringtone with one of the stock ringtones on the device and see if the same behavior occurs. If you don't have a third party ringtone application, please download one (as there are many free ones in the application store) and see if the same issue happens.



Keep us posted on your success and I'm sure we'll get you back up and running in no time.



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Re: Ringtone resetting after Oreo update
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Is your custom ringtone saved under the ringtones or notifications folders on the internal memory space of the phone?

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Re: Ringtone resetting after Oreo update
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I have had a similar issue.  My ringtone was intermittently resetting to "silent" Samsung J7 v.   Soft reset did NOT fix the problem.  It was suggested an app Could be causing the problem.

As it turns out, it was an app.  The RING camera app would reset my ringtone to silent AFTER viewing a LIVE camera event.  In the RING app, I turned OFF "modify system settings".   Problem fixed.

Settings > Apps > Ring > Modify System Settings > OFF