S7 Edge Predictive text and autocorrect nla.

Sinceabout the second or third update ago none of these features function when I try to text or any other time for that matter . It appears to me that they are all turned on under Samsung keyboard in the settings. Sometimes it wont even capitalize the word i , sometimes it will. I had grown rather used to the features and the quirks they had. I want them back.

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Re: S7 Edge Predictive text and autocorrect nla.
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Matest7, using extra features certainly provides value with your phone. Let's see if we can get that working again. When going to the Apps, Settings, General Management, Language and Input, Samsung keyboard, Predictive Text, is this currently turned on? If so, let;s have you clear the messaging app cache and data by going to the Apps, Settings, Applications, Application Manager, App Storage and choose the clear cache and clear data. Once completed, please power the phone off and back on and give it a test. We will be standing by for results.


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