S8 - Missing lots of voicemail and failed text messages

I have several Verizon phones on my family plan, Pixel, iPhone & S8.

Over the past month, My Samsung S8 failed to send or receive text messages.  The failures were consistent.  I tried several fixes like clearing caches, rebooting the phone etc.  Decided to reset the S8 to factory defaults and start over.  After the factory reset, I noticed a voicemail notification and checked my voicemail.   I had 25 "new" voicemail messages that spanned a full month and were never delivered to me. Several of them were moderately important.  Luckily I didn't miss anything critical.

The failed text messages and voicemail issue have never occurred on the Pixel or iPhone, also on my Verizon family plan.

Has this or something similar happened to anyone, did you find a solution?

Re: S8 - Missing lots of voicemail and failed text messages
Customer Service Rep

bryan.a, It's essential that we get everything working right with your texts and voicemails. I'm terribly sorry that you've had these issues with your Samsung S8. Let's find out what's going on. What messaging application are you using? After the Factory Reset, are your texts and voicemail notifications working? How do you access your voicemail?


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