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Several problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Until about two weeks ago I had no problems with this device. Now, it will show that it is attempting to connect to a charging dock and a gear vr, neither of which I own. It will show that a USB cord is not compatible when there is NOT a USB cord attached. I have not used cheap cord with this device nor has it gotten wet or been dropped. Also, if it gets turned off it will either turn back on in download mode or safe mode. Sometimes I cannot even text on this device because it will constantly force close and reopen the device in gear vr. It will close and reopen the pre-installed browser also. I have called and spoken to tech support and went to my local Verizon store twice only to be told to hard reset it or that specific apps were the culprit only to have this device continue to do so after all of the said apps were removed and the device has been hard reset three times. I am tired of going to Verizon to get help only to be told some excuse. If anyone has advice I could use it before I chose to leave Verizon all together.

Re: Several problems with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

I think I have figured this out.  The issue is 2 fold.  1 - there is a problem with the charging port.  The phone thinks you are trying to plug in a virtual reality device and has triggered the system to download the software.  That's problem #2. You can't install the software because you don't have the key for the device because you have not purchased the device.  As a result, the software is hijacking your phone.  You can install the software to the point that the key is asked for.  You can't uninstall the app since it's a Samsung App so since it thinks the VR device is trying to hook up to the charging port, it keeps going through the loop.  Next - if you take the phone to one of the fix it places you will discover that although they can repair lots of things on this phone, it is impossible to replace the charging port.  Long and short of things - you're screwed.  I have the insurance on the phone through Assurian - also screwed.  I love the Note 5, use the notation part often.  Assurian offers other phones but they don't have any Note 5's and if they do get them they will not be the 64 gig phone I have.  My option - limp along until my renewal comes up in December, downgrade to the Note 4 or get a phone I don't want.  Great!  Other option - buy a Note 5 on Ebay.  I will certainly NOT opt for Assurian again since once the phones are out of production, there is no way to get what you have.  By the way - Verizon tech support was stumped by this issue.